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Attack the Gas Station (1999) – English Review

attack the gas station

We’re the delivery boys!

Attack the Gas Station has achieved cult status. The first time I saw it, I wasn’t completely convinced that this was a good entertainment movie. Now it clicked, and I just loved it. It’s not a movie with much meaning, but it’s so entertaining!

It’s a movie about nothing. We follow four thugs and losers who only make life miserable for others. One night they rob a gas station for the second time, and the adventure begins! They take control of the gas station and it becomes a hectic night with angry, young men. And they attract trouble. They are a magnet for the word trouble. They are looking for money, and they are stupid, but also very violent.

What sets Attack the Gas Station apart from other movies is that there are almost no other movies to compare it to. It’s a movie about nothing. This is a movie from South Korea that’s something out of the ordinary. You find funny and colorful characters who have their dreams. And since their dreams never became a reality, they solve everything with violence.

The actors are magnificent, absolutely everyone in the movie delivers funny role interpretations. There isn’t much to complain about. This movie deserves a lot of praise, and there’s no cheap melodrama here that destroys over half of South Korean movies. This is a movie for the guys!

Attack the Gas Station is a cool movie about nothing. This is a special movie that stands out in the crowd.

Rating: 8/10

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