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Double Tap (2000) – English Review

A shooting champion who has mental problems is suspected of killing a group of people. But the police lack evidence that it was he who did it. And when he is put under pressure and feels threatened, some cops should be concerned about their safety. Because they are dealing with a lunatic!

I didn’t know this was the first movie that consists of three movies. I’ve seen Triple Tap starring Louis Koo. I like that movie, and I like it even more after watching Double Tap! But I didn’t know that One Nite in Mongkok, which I have watched two times, was the sequel to Double Tap. Well, nobody is perfect!

Double Tap is in a hurry. It fails to build up the antagonist that has mental problems. It’s in such a hurry that you don’t buy what’s going on with all the strange choices that are made. There’s no dead time, something happens all the time, and the movie forgets that there are viewers who want more logic than just a fast pace!

Leslie Chung gets almost nothing to work with. The choices which his character makes don’t work when you don’t understand what’s wrong with him. Movies like this need to take a deep dive into the mind of the main character, something this movie doesn’t do.

It feels like someone lost several pages of the script and just made stupid decisions when trying to fill out the missing pages. But that’s nothing new if you are familiar with Hong Kong movies. There was a time when they made so many movies. And mostly, they were always in a hurry, so there are so many plot holes in older Hong Kong movies. Well, also newer ones too!

I would recommend you to watch Triple Tap, which is a much better and interesting movie. I’m not a big fan of Louis Koo any longer, but in that movie he’s great, and the script is so much better. Double Tap has an interesting story, but the script is very weak.

Rating: 4/10

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