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The Booth (2005) – English Review

A radio host is starting to lose his mind in his small booth. Why is that? Is he an angel, or is he the devil himself? It’s been said that the booth is haunted, but do we believe that?

I really enjoyed “The Booth.” It is a movie with a lot of mystery and scenes that make you wonder, “What the hell is going on?” The callers who speak to the host tell him stories that seem to be about him. He is as fake as a fish, and after 30 minutes, you want him to die because he is rotten to the core. He is a disgusting human being, and you hope that the haunted booth will put an end to him, so we can all enjoy it while praising the Lord. Burn it down!

Reviewing movies like “The Booth” is truly challenging because it’s a movie that should be experienced without knowing anything. However, the radio host is fake, and I wanted to strangle him whenever he spoke with his phony and repugnant radio voice.

The protagonist is confined to his small booth, and some of his colleagues do not like him. He isn’t the brightest person in the booth, and we get glimpses of his past through the stories shared by the callers. These stories should trigger memories in him as a rotten man. But are the callers real, or is he conversing with a ghost?

I loved what happened to one of the characters in the movie. It is a significant character, and what initially appears to be a tragedy for this character turns out to be a comedic element in the movie. I never saw that coming. This character is like a superhero from hell.

If you enjoy movies like the Canadian classic “Pontypool (2008),” then I recommend checking out “The Booth.” It’s not a jump-scare movie; rather, it builds up the atmosphere and plays with the protagonist’s mind as well as the viewers’. At times, it reminds me of a lighter Kiyoshi Kurosawa mystery thriller.

Rating: 8/10

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