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Moonfall (2022) – English Review

This has to stop!

The moon is about to collide with Mother Earth, and the only ones who can save the planet are three astronauts. The rest of the population has to stay on Earth and try to survive the craziness and destruction happening there.

With Moonfall, director Roland Emmerich has lost his mind. We all know that he loves to destroy Mother Earth. But with Moonfall he has outdone himself with all the craziness we experience. It’s not enough to destroy Mother Earth. He has to bring in AI and other crazy things that will make your mind go poof. My brain melted while watching this movie. I laughed, I cried. I wanted the nightmare to stop! What in God’s name is this nonsense?

I will not spoil anything, but you won’t believe the craziness going on in space with the moon and the answers we are given. Down on Mother Earth, I felt more at home with the usual destructions and the silly and soulless characters Roland Emmerich is known for. It’s the usual lazy nonsense that Roland Emmerich is known for when directing disaster movies. The characters are useless. You don’t care about them, and you just want them all to die! The dialog is rotten!

Even if Moonfall is a CGI party, there are some cool visual scenes here that are pretty to look at. But the CGI party takes you out of the movie. The whole movie looks like an expensive video game. And that’s not cool!

Roland Emmerich can’t make a crazier movie than Moonfall. This should be his last disaster movie. It’s time to quit now, you silly man! You gave us some entertaining disaster movies, but please, for humankind, stop making more disaster movies! You are turning into a disaster yourself! Stop it!

Rating: 2/10

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