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Sex and Zen II (1996) – English Review

A man who has a super-trained penis and a bunch of mistresses cannot keep control of his daughter. She wants to study at a school where only men may study. He tells her no! But after a while, he gives in, and she gets permission to study at this school. But then a mysterious woman appears, and she seduces her father. And suddenly the other mistresses die after the mysterious woman appeared. What’s going on? Continue reading “Sex and Zen II (1996) – English Review”

Z Storm (2014) – English Review

z storm

We follow an independent organization working on corruption cases. There‘s a possibility they have to stop a trade between the government and a hedge fund. And now they are trying to find proof that this is a dirty hedge fund before they sign the deal. Continue reading “Z Storm (2014) – English Review”

Beasts Clawing at Straws (2020) – English Review

Several people have one thing in common, they are searching for a bag that contains a large sum of money. But is there anyone who deserves this money at all? Continue reading “Beasts Clawing at Straws (2020) – English Review”

Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019) – English Review

A terrorist group attacks a military camp in India, and now India is seeking revenge. They are planning to send a group of soldiers to Kashmir to kill terrorists who they believe were behind the attack. But they don’t want Pakistan to know about this planned attack. Continue reading “Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019) – English Review”

Impetigore (2019) – English Review

A young woman travels back to a small village where she has inherited a house. But it turns out that the village is cursed, and the young woman is an important key to stopping the curse. Continue reading “Impetigore (2019) – English Review”

Inside (2007) – English Review

A heavily pregnant woman gets an unexpected visit one night. And her uninvited guest is not of the friendly type. Continue reading “Inside (2007) – English Review”