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Chaos (2000) – English Review

That is a beautiful woman!

A beautiful woman who is married to a businessman approaches a handyman. And no, this is not that kind of movie! She asks him if he can kidnap her, and she gives him a large sum of money. He agrees, but one day when he returns to the apartment where they are staying, he finds her dead on the floor, and the phone rings. He panics and buries her in the forest, but then one day, when he’s out driving, he sees a woman who looks exactly like her walking down the street and looking mighty fine. What is going on?

The movie is directed by Hideo Nakata, right after the first two Ring movies. “Chaos” is a thriller where we again find the hot beauty of all beauties, Miki Nakatani, in one of the leading roles. God have mercy, she is a beauty! I can’t help it! I have to yell it out. What a classy, hot woman! Where the hell was I? Oh, I was reviewing the movie.

So this is a mystery thriller where the handyman tries to find out what’s going on after he has buried the dead woman he pretended to kidnap. But, he has a creepy scene with her when she’s tied up, and it turns out that he’s a pervert who has always wanted to make love to a woman who is tied up. It’s then you know you are in Japan and watching a Japanese movie! He makes Miki Nakatani cry some beautiful tears, that poor, little angel.

Then when he sees the dead woman walking down the street, he transforms his simple mind into the mind of Sherlock Holmes. Is the woman still alive, and if she is, what is going on? And why is the handyman so stupid? There is especially one scene that doesn’t make any sense, but the man has the brain of a bird.

Hideo Nakata manages to hold onto the mystery for a long time, but the climax didn’t quite do it for me as watching Miki Nakatani tied up and looking mighty fine! Oh no, sorry, I’m not a Japanese man, so I’m excused! Look at how white I am!

But the ending felt a little rushed and stupid, to be honest, since I didn’t quite understand the character’s motivation except for being scared of getting caught. This character wants to be free like a bird flying high in the sky and creating chaos when landing on Mother Earth. I have no idea what I’m talking about.

If you like Japanese thrillers from the 2000s and Alfred Hitchcock, you probably should watch Chaos since it’s one of Hideo Nakata’s better movies. He has made a lot of bad movies, but Chaos is a decent thriller with little character depth but a lot of mystery. Mystery man, out!

Rating: 6/10

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