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Udaan (2010) – English Review

A teenage boy gets expelled from school, and he has to move in with his father. His father is a fierce and violent man who’s not willing to change. He hasn’t seen his father for many years. He also finds a surprise in his room when he moves back home. He finds a little boy who turns out to be his half-brother. The teenage boy wants to become a writer, but that’s just nonsense, his father tells him. You will not become a writer, you will become an engineer! Drama!

Udaan isn’t a movie that offers something new that you haven’t seen before with a broken home where the danger in the house is the strict father. But the movie is good. It has a heart where you follow the teenage boy who will soon turn 18. He seems very self-absorbed, so you don’t care so much that his father is a hot-tempered man who loses his temper if his son talks back to him. He easily resorts to violence. And there’s an incident in the movie which is painful to witness. But the incident, fortunately, opens up the protagonist’s eyes, who until that moment has only been a young, stupid, and self-absorbed brat. And he becomes friends with some losers, too.

It takes some time before you see any kind of character development. So I didn’t like the protagonist and his attitude. So I understood why his father wanted to straighten him up. But it’s not okay to take a person’s dreams away from him. Nor is it okay to be violent and not be able to communicate without resorting to violence and threats. The father lacks empathy, and it creates problems for himself and his two sons.

But after an hour where not much happens, we see more character development and a teenage boy who’s starting to grow up. That’s nice to see. And when he gets his awakening, you will be happy on his behalf and the little boy.

I love the actor, Ronit Roy, who I first saw in Ugly (2017). He plays the father, and he’s so awesome when he has his mustache ready for battle. He’s so brutal and cruel! His eyes are so angry and piercing!

Udaan starts slow, but the movie has a heart that beats. You notice that in the last half hour. And the teenage boy I didn’t like at the start finally grows up, and he takes responsibility for something that must be protected from the angry mustache man.

Rating: 7/10

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