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Daughter of Darkness (1993) – English Review

A family is brutally killed, and the police suspect that the remaining daughter in the family or her boyfriend killed them. What was the reason for the murders?

This is the first movie of three movies. I thought this was going to be a dark and cruel movie, but man, the first 50 minutes of the movie are like watching a terrible Stephen Chow movie with a lot of silly dialog and characters that don’t have any function to the plot. Anthony Wong walks around talking a lot of nonsense. He’s a cop, and he’s also a pervert. You expected that, didn’t you?

The woman we follow is hated by her family, and her boyfriend is a cop. Her family is angry at her the whole time, and her father is a rabbit that loves women. So you can already guess what will happen towards the end, don’t you? We know that the family got murdered, but who did it? And if the daughter did it, how could a woman with a hot body like that take out the whole family? Tell me! Wait, I already know the answer to that! Sorry!

Daughter of Darkness mixes too many genres, and the result is a mess. In the last 25 minutes, the movie gets cruel and nasty, and the ending isn’t right at all. It then turns into a heavy drama movie, and then you find out that you have been watching three different movies while watching one movie.

I wish Daughter of Darkness could have more of my favorite scene when the fellow pervert, played by Anthony Wong, is investigating the crime scene. He checks out a woman’s melons, and he takes a good sniff downstairs. That is humor I like. I love inappropriate humor that has class and style like this fantastic scene! Yeah, baby! Yeah!

Rating: 2/10

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