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Dynasty Warriors (2021) – English Review

Three warriors who are blood brothers try to remove a powerful man they helped when he was about to lose the battle against his enemies. Now they must get help from other powerful warriors to get him removed from his position! Continue reading “Dynasty Warriors (2021) – English Review”

Erotic Ghost Story (1990) – English Review

Three sisters who are not human beings, I think they are fairies, fall for the same man. But it turns out he’s carrying a secret, and his secret isn’t pretty! Continue reading “Erotic Ghost Story (1990) – English Review”

Exiled (2006) – English Review


Wo have shot his boss, and he hides with his wife and newborn child. Wo is found, and his former boss sends two old friends of Wo to kill him. When they show up, another two friends also show up at the same place and time. They want to protect Wo. Since they are all old friends and colleagues, they agree to spare Woo. But they need money. Their old boss is angry, and he wants his revenge. Continue reading “Exiled (2006) – English Review”

Sex and Zen III (1998) – English Review

We follow a woman who is sold to a brothel where she meets two other whores who take her under their wings. But one of them becomes jealous of her when a man she likes falls for the new woman. And she has decided to take revenge one day. Continue reading “Sex and Zen III (1998) – English Review”